Wot fcm 50t matchmaking

Keep in mind that consumables need to be replenished after each battle if used, while food or gas items are used automatically.


For your first Crew Skill select "Repairs" across the board. Video Screenshots Art Renders Soundtrack.

FCM 50 t Liberté

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Join the community More than ,, players. Join us on Facebook 2,, in the community. Follow us on Twitter , subscribers. That further devalues gold. In addition to that, Wargaming said they will be releasing more tanks available for bonds only.

That means gold has lost even more value. If someone paid cash for the tank, they may be able to make a solid case for cash-only refund. What did they do in EU when the Super Pershing was nerfed and they offered to refund? In the UK, they have to provide a cash refund if they sell a service and change the terms of service; this is covered by the Consumer Rights Act of , section As with tangible goods, a consumer has a right for the digital content to be fit for the particular purposes made known to the digital content supplier section 35 CRA.

BIS note that suppliers should be careful when marketing digital content as being suitable for a particular purpose, or when interacting with consumers who have a particular purpose. Any post-purchase updates to digital content must continue to match the product description and must be an improvement to the product and not reduce the quality of the content that was described upon purchase.

Not sure how the EU as a whole regulates the sale of digital content.

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Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: How would you like to see it in Regular MM? Started by BlackFive , Mar 12 - BlackFive 1 Posted Mar 12 - I think if the soft stats on the gun were buffed, and maybe it were to get either some penetration OR some DPM it would be good again-- that way it would be similar to the Patriot but with differences.

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Rare Tank Spotlight: FCM 50 t Liberté | World of Tanks Console

IMO it doesn't need much to be good, just like most of the pref MM tanks. KnightOfEris 3 Posted Mar 12 - I don't think WG can simply get rid of pref. MM, since that's a feature people paid for.

I bought the FCM 50t precisely for that reason. MM is removed from any of my Premiums, I'll expect a refund muy pronto. Edited by KnightOfEris, Mar 12 - MacDaddyMatty 4 Posted Mar 12 - Qualm 5 Posted Mar 12 - Add some tactical nukes, maybe? If you combine them, you should see, on average: Buff the gun Buff the terrain resistance Buff the engine power.

Bavor 10 Posted Mar 12 - Bavor 11 Posted Mar 12 - Well they said they were going to provide the option for a refund. I get that they will have to refund in gold because they are not a bank, but being refunded gold is not the same as the cold hard cash I used to buy it with, and so I am not happy about this. Kerosedge 12 Posted Mar 12 - I'll take an IS6 with 30mm more armor and the IS3s gun.

Needs way better accuracy and gun handling, and a turret that can bounce shells if they were to do that.

Players' Guide to the FCM 50t

MacDaddyMatty 14 Posted Mar 12 - Make it a tier 7? Since its not being sold anymore, it would be a rarity and worth owning. Edited by MacDaddyMatty, Mar 12 - KnightOfEris 16 Posted Mar 12 - Vanguard 17 Posted Mar 12 - Change the FCM 50t into an autoloader.

wot fcm 50t matchmaking Wot fcm 50t matchmaking
wot fcm 50t matchmaking Wot fcm 50t matchmaking
wot fcm 50t matchmaking Wot fcm 50t matchmaking
wot fcm 50t matchmaking Wot fcm 50t matchmaking
wot fcm 50t matchmaking Wot fcm 50t matchmaking

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