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That has indeed been the case for the two male expats who talked to Metropolitan, both of whom have noticed they are more popular on Chinese dating apps than they are on apps in their home countries. A case in point is Bruce from the UK, who has only been using Tantan for one month but has already received matches. Chinese girls don't have arrogance is the best way to explain it, I guess. So far, he has met two girls through Tantan. Andrew, a Brit in Beijing who's been using Chinese dating apps for five months, says he quickly discovered that while women in the West generally start out chatting about shared interests, Chinese women are more likely to ask about his job and future plans.


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He recalls one Chinese girl who, after a single date, began planning their wedding and future together in China. Another source of culture shock for expats is unrealistic expectations. Shim Bo-kyung pseudonym , a year-old student from South Korea, said he often gets the impression that his Chinese dates like to imagine him as being just as rich and handsome as the characters from South Korean TV series.

Shim added that some Chinese girls have even asked if he comes from a wealthy family like in the famous South Korean TV series The Heirs.

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Flings vs serious relationships Although dating apps have made it easier to meet more people, the relationships formed are often short-lived and shallow, because they were based in the first place on little more than appearances. Other expats have different intentions, and use dating apps more to meet locals, learn the language and deepen their understanding of China.

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Bruce, for example, wanted to make new friends and maybe find someone who wanted to learn English and could teach him Chinese at the same time. As a result, he met a year-old student who wants to study in the UK, and they've been meeting up to do a language and culture exchange. Erika, a year-old student from South Korea, has similar intentions to Bruce.

I use them more for the sake of having different experiences and expanding my world view. By meeting more people from different backgrounds and careers, I've learned a lot about interacting with different kinds of people. I've learned how to start and carry a conversation, to alleviate awkward tension and to listen to others' stories," Erika said. She said the best experiences are when you hit it off with someone, and end up talking endlessly. She recalls one guy she met, who works at an IT company, with whom she had a great conversation about philosophy and life.

He also expressed interest in making Korean friends, since his work and social environment is exclusively Chinese. Dating apps are connecting foreigners and Chinese — but cultural obstacles remain. By Zhang Xinyuan Source: However, in large cities, most of the public facilities provide foreign language directions and signs.

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Often there is a larger cultural diversity and it may be easier to find people who have the same interests as you in certain clubs or groups. Of course, dating is always another way for you to meet with others. Dating services have become popular in China in the last ten years. There are many ways to find a loved one or make friends in China.

Many people find their another-half or friends through social networks. This is a traditional and reliable way. There are also many marriage agencies in China providing help. Some are good but some may not be as you think. Social media such as; Weibo, Renren and QQ groups are also very popular. Weibo is similar to Twitter and Renren is similar to Facebook. QQ is a giant internet company providing many popular functions such as; instant audio or video chatting, Weibo, Weixin, QQ groups and others.

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Weixin is a mobile application to send and receive voice messages between two users. An interesting function of Weixin is you can shake your mobile to find other users currently near you. Aside from those above, dating websites are also a good choice.

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There are many dating websites providing services for people based in China. As most of them are in Chinese, it might be difficult if you do not know Chinese. Popular websites are www. Another way to find these websites is to search via Baidu. Baidu is a domestic search engine, similar to Google.

Its website is https: However, it is not good at searching in other languages. You can use Google in China but you may experience difficulties as Google left China a few years ago. Normally, to use these dating sites you would need to register yourself and create a profile. In most cases you may need to pay for using them. Some dating websites do offer free services.

However, there is a general view that paid dating websites provide better services than free ones. When you provide any personal information to a website, you need to be careful about the security of your information. The online dating scam is becoming a problem. If you find that someone you are dating asks you to give them money, you may have encountered an online dating scam. To avoid this, you should bear in mind that most of time it is too good to be true.

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