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Older aluminum cylinders often fail in this area as the neck thread may have corroded or worn beyond the allowed tolerance, this is an automatic failure under the standard.

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Aluminum cylinders can also be badly corroded internally especially if salt water has entered the cylinder. Steel cylinders as we all know can be subject to rust, some brands more than others due to the amount of carbon used in the steel when manufactured. It needs to be pointed out that rust in steel cylinders is usually a result of carelessness by its user or your fill station.

If your cylinder has been filled with moist air from a station that has not been maintaining its filters or compressor adequately rust will occur, oil may also be found if this is the case. Cylinders found to be rusty or corroded internally and are not beyond repair are brushed using various forms of wire brush attached to a long shaft driven by an electric drill. The residue is cleaned out and rumbling chips inserted into the cylinder, it is then placed on a rumbler that rotates the cylinder at about 90 to rpm for up to eight hours depending on the severity of the corrosion.

The cylinder is then filled with water and inverted to assist in removing the chips. It is then cleaned, dried and internally inspected. This time consuming process removes remaining corrosion and polishes the internal cylinder wall and is an additional cost. If the cylinder passes all the previous inspections it is ready to be hydrostatically tested, when it is filled with water and connected to the test panel.

The cylinder is pressurised to fill pressure twice to check accuracy of the panel and remove air bubbles from the system. The cylinder is then pressurised to its test pressure and held there for one minute. The pressure is slowly released and the expansion measured on a manometer tube.

How to Transport a Scuba Tank - Rules to Comply With

The maximum allowed expansion is the water capacity of the cylinder in kilograms divided by five. The cylinder is disconnected from the test panel and inverted to drain after which it is dried using warm air. After a final internal inspection to ensure proper drying the neck "o"ring is replaced and the valve installed. Venice Dive Center provides a variety of services to keep you diving and safe. We send our tanks for Hydro Inspections, which need to be done every 5 years.

Scuba Tank Hydro Test Date Stamp

Visuals are done in the store, checking the exterior, interior and threads. Staff can also clean your air tank to switch it to a nitrox tank, as well as apply nitrox wrap sticker.

How to Check for Hydro Dates

O-rings can be changed out as needed. Air fills are available at Venice Dive Center both air and nitrox. Media related to Diving cylinders at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Periodical inspection and testing to revalidate fitness for service.

Diving cylinder , Gas cylinder , and Hydrostatic test. ISO 1st ed. Retrieved 8 November University of Rhode Island. Periodic inspection and testing of seamless aluminium alloy gas cylinders. Periodic inspection and testing of seamless steel gas cylinders.


The verification, filling, inspection, testing and maintenance of cylinders for storage and transport of compressed gases. Cylinders for compressed gases other than acetylene. Reissued incorporating Amendment No. Sydney, New South Wales: Standards Australia International Ltd. Salford, Greater Manchester, UK: Archived from the original on 17 June Retrieved 9 October Archived from the original PDF on 26 December Divers Alert Network Q4 Fall Gas container test stations- General requirements for periodic inspection and testing of portable and transportable refillable gas containers.

Cylinder Testing

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