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AirMech Arena is a lot of fun, but...

We've gotten great reactions from the core gameplay as well as the steps we've taken to avoid a 'pay to win' design approach. The game is still going to see some major improvements so things should only get better. Hawken is still in beta, and it's a true Beta in the original sense of the word; we're constantly tweaking, testing, and listening to community feedback.

The players have the power to add or improve things and help shape the game, which I think they like. The community is fantastic, our forums are a collection of some of the most constructive and helpful gamers I've ever seen. There are difficult people in every community wherever you go, but for the most part our community is friendly and positive. There are also a lot of serious hard-core players that genuinely want to improve the game and see Hawken succeed, so that's awesome.

The community is divided on counter-measures. Some see them as fair, skill-related items, others as pay-to-win abilities. Are you planning to modify them over the next few months?

Want to add to the discussion?

The counter-measures we have now are a first pass at a mechanic we hope to make a lot of improvements to. We're testing them out and will make changes according to the feedback we get from players. Regarding pay-to-win, all the counter-measures are available through Hawken Credits which are earned in-game at no cost.

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Yes, I'd say we're exploring the possibility of melee weapons, but in a controlled way that fits into the Hawken universe. We wouldn't want to see every mech running around punching or swinging swords at each other, or have a long-range sniper class staying in close to melee. I'd like to see specialized mech classes or balanced weapons that incorporate melee, but at the cost of ranged attacks or something along those lines.

Some players have complained about screen-clutter making fights too confusing.


Impressions: Hawken's Open Beta

Are you working on a clearer way of indicating whether your shots have landed, or your health is dropping? Or is the confusion of battle deliberate? The current lack of one is completely baffling, and I hope to the scrap-riddled heavens that it materializes before too much longer.

More maps, more modes, quicker progression the ability to share XP between mechs, maybe? Tagged with Adhesive Games , beta , feature , free to play , meteor entertainment , Hawken. If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies.


Find more information here. Hawken Stomps Onto Steam. Just as good as the GTX Ti for a fraction of the price. The Division 2's beta weekend starts February 7th, signups open now. Jump to comments More about Hawken News Features. Because a mech game is a form of simulator.

And simulators have throttle. Unless they're goat simulators.

CQC Rank System deters new players

But Goat Simulator is more of a sandbox. And a sandbox is not a simulator. So Goat Simulator isn't a simulator. Wait, what was the topic? Dementiurge , July 23, Pretty sure the topic was goats or something. Personally I think Hawken failed because they made it free to play.

It's very very difficult to crack the free to play beast. On that note, I have no idea how Blacklight:

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