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We take that responsibility very seriously. Subscribers pick up some awesome rewards, as well as their dates.

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Build your Game Library Let other gamers know what you're about, by adding your favorite games to your library. You can also search and see what other singles are playing to get noticed by other gamers.

Would you date an MMO player?

Of course there are a lot of other factors involved and if you're male the odds are kinda stacked against you, but if you try hard enough you'll find someone that fits your tastes. Gamer chicks are hot imo. I'd rather date someone that I could have a conversation about something interesting with even if it's nerdy WoW talk! Not just because they're an MMO player, but having that in common would definitely be great. Originally Posted by Vezrah. Last edited by Underskilled; at I just checked out the website the OP is advertising asking about.

It looks pretty lame too.

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I dont see why it matters, either. THat's like saying would you date somebody who used a pink toothbrush in 8th grade - It's irrelevant. Well when you are dating someone and things are fresh you're pretty much suppose to whisk them off their feet and show them the time of their life.. Don't dodge the bullet by trying to "date a gamer", lay out your priorities and decide what you think is best for you.

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Depends what personalities you both have, some girls don't like to stay in, others do. But whatever you do don't game so much that it borderlines on neglection of the relationship. Thanks for the input everyone. I was worried people would just troll me like on WoW's forums.

It's just a game, it's a common interest, but keep in mind it's one common interest, you shouldn't try and predict a relationship or meet people like that just my own personal opinion , of course it can grow into something more but it'd be the same if you were athletic or played guitar It's just one factor among hundreds more. Originally Posted by unholytestament.

Where Do YOU Find Dates?

I probably would not. Do I give you Ret Dreams? Yeah I know that website, I've hooked up with 8 girls from there It only has 6 members but that don't stop me, I got mad skills!

In all seriousness are you advertising the site?

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