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I came from a province in eastern Visayas where one can enjoy the white beaches and pristine blue water of the sea. As I've said, those beautiful experiences I've read gave me the encouragement to post my name here and see where will this lead me to. For the right man who loves. I'm Jeya 19yaers old I like your photos that's why I comment you can see my photos un Facebook ,my Facebook account. Claire lumihay thank I hope you raed my comment. I'm a Filipina 27 years old and married to a wonderful European guy who is 35 years old, just got married January this year and we were on a long distance relationship for over a year , and now living together happily and waiting for our first baby by the end of this year: We've first met from a dating site , and chatted over YM for a few months then we've first met last in just less than 2 hours, coz I was so afraid to meet him and quite hesitant to go for a date with him, like I was having 2nd thoughts of meeting or say go for a date with him coz of the thoughts about what would other people say about me dating a foreign guy and that was my first time to date a foreign guy too and that there were some rare rape cases by going on a date with a foreign guy too sorry, but I was just quite paranoid about what would other people tell I'm a decent girl and the reaason why I registered to an online dating site was because of curiosity , like how it works and since it was free to register, i've created an account and thats how and where I found my husband which I consider as one of my best decision made, coz he is really a wonderful husband He is a really a nice guy and my family accepted him whole heartedly without any hesitation they even allowed me to travel to Europe last year with him, even though we were just on a!

It was never my dream to have a foreign husband, it was just out of my curiosity to try that online dating site To those who are commenting or generalizing that Filipina's are just over money Date a woman who never ask for money and is sincere about what she tells you when you are in a long distance relationship My husband told me that he likes me and knew that I was sincere on what I was telling him during those times that we were chatting coz he saw my pictures on FB on how close I am to my family, and all my brothers has decent job to make a living as well By the way , I do not have any problem finding American girls to date.

My issue is my kids are grown up and have their own lives , and I'm not raising anyone else's kids or dealing with there x husband , so for me finding a 39 year old that has no kids and never been married was a big turn on for me!!! Reading all these comments on here about filipinas , leads me to share my story.

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I'm 42 white male from Florida US , to start I was married for 12 years to a home town girl , 2 kids , good job , house all the things we wanted , divorced by the time I am 33 , single for 6 years after. Met a filipina that had been in the US for 8 years she was also divorced , we were engaged for a year and she left me to go back to her x husband he did me a big time favor. Am single and searching for a woman that will love me and we can marry each other am 55 years old am Fergus Alem usa north carolina am a general here in the usa. I love to cook, learn new things Love to travel.

I am currently in Sohar Sultanate of Oman. If Filipino women are as great as you describe than why do Filipino men fall in love hard with women of other races Thai, Japanese, Caucasian, Latina, African-American, Hawaiian, etc? It seems almost insane to boost that Filipino women only make good wives, desirable, and "Beautiful" when there is women all over the world who possess those same qualities. If a good woman is only limited to a specific ethnicity than it makes no sense that God created women from all parts of the world. I understand pride in what you are but there's a limit-- because this website seems borderline narcissistic.

Have you been looking for a good looking and rich Sugar Mummy or Daddy My names are MRS. This great Doctor brought my husband back to me, i had 3 lovely kids for my husband, about 3 years ago i and my husband has been into one quarrel or the other until he finally left me for one lady. Every day and night i think of him and i always wish he will come back to me, until one day i met a good friend of mine that was also in a situation like me but her problem was her ex-boyfriend who she had an unwanted pregnancy for and he refused to take responsibility and dumped her.

My name is Mrs. I had a very big problem with my husband few months ago,to the extent that he even packed his things away from our house. He left I and and my kids for almost 5 months,and i tried all my possible best and effort to bring him back. I never believed in spell casting,but My friend convinced me and i had no choice than to follow my friend advice,because i never dreamed of loosing my lovely Husband.

I didn't believed Him, until when i got home,the next day,my husband called me to inform me that he is coming back home….. One of the price i was asked to pay was to tell it to the people around me that problems like this,can always be solved by Dr. This is a testimony that I will tell to every one to hear. I have been married four 4years and on the fifth year of my marriage, another woman had a spell to take my lover away from me and my husband left me and the kids and we have suffered for 2years until I met a post where this man DR EKA dreka14demons gmail.

Am so happy to testify about a great spell caster that helped me when all hope was lost for me to unite with my ex boy friend that I love so much. I had a boy friend that love me so much but something terrible happen to our relationship one afternoon when his friend that was always trying to get to me was trying to force me to make love to him just because he was been jealous of his friend that I was dating and on the scene my boy friend just walk in and he thought we had something special doing together, I tried to explain things to him that his friend always do this when ever he is not with me and I always refuse him but I never told him because I did not want the both of them to be enemies to each other but he never believed me.

EKA and I emailed him with his email dreka14demons gmail. EKA that help me with his white love powers. If you have any kind of problem email him now for help with his email dreka14demons gmail. So he cast a spell for me and after two days my love came back to me begging me on his knees on the ground asking me to forgive him. Am so happy now. I have tried many love spells and had no success. I was having an issue with my partner we have both been separated for 4 months.

I thought I would try one more time. I did it and everything changed, he came back to me and ask me to forgive him. Now we are married and planning to have children soon. Thank you so much for all your help! I wish to share my testimonies with the general public about what this man called Dr. EKA for what you have done for me, If you are out there passing through any of this problems listed below:. I was married for five years without any child,because of this my husband start acting very strange at home,coming home lately and not spending time with me any more.

So i became very sad and lost in life because my doctor told me there is no way for me to get pregnant this really make life so hard for me and my family. They are all gold diggers and will rob you blind, its comon to see an 80 years old man with a beautiful 18 year old filipina girl. That's good to know. I doubt if joule has ever been in a long distance rltship or been in love before.

Communication is actually a key to a rltship. I'm not trying to be judgemental. I stopped replying to this thread just bcos of u. Anyway, john, I wish u the best and hope u have a good story to tell after ur return from the Philippines. I met a lady in the Philippines quite by accident online not a dating site and am about to visit her in a few weeks. We meet on Skype, she owns a business and is not far from my age She cares for her mother who is 93, speaks honestly and looks at the heart of the man not the outward appearance. I did not plan on a long distance relationship with anyone anywhere but she was so honest, sincere and over time we grew to realize we had real love for each other.

So communication is the key. Knowing the right questions to ask. I am excited and hope for the best on this hjourney. Will spend 20 days at her home outside Manila with her family and take a few jaunts to Bohol and a couple other places for alone time. She is dedicated and true in her heart.

It is all you can ask for and she communicates with honesty. If you look for the right qualities The funny thing is, I finally sent her a msg on fb and a regular text, and her reply last night was "it's ok baby. I understand u can't help me. I miss u baby and I love u. Now she has made it seem like even tho I couldn't help her now, there would be other time I would be useful so wouldn't express disappointment.

Due to the way she act, she wins my attention almost immediately. In general note, I am very emotional and also caring. This sometimes have great impact on me whereby I am unable to say "No" to certain situations. I wish everybody could be very sincere with their feelings and emotions. The funny thing is, I finally sent her a text on fb and regular text, and her reply last night was "it's ok baby. In generate note, I am very emotional and also caring. This is sometimes having a great impact on my whereby I am unable to say "No" to certain situations. Sate, thanks for your input. I've been watching out for your comments and am beginning to believe in you.

If I hadn't listen and took actions, I think I would've been fooled. Your comments are really helping me make considerable decisions. Thanks all for your insight. I really do appreciate your contributions. I haven't really quite stop communicating with this girl, but just last night and couple of days back, she's been asking for help that she's in financial need. I don't think I can continue with her since my feelings has started depreciating as per her always using the word "miss and love" for every single text or chat.

The word has been over used to the point that I feel irritated by it. I hope to meet someone worthy soon The reality why a filipina woman seeking a foreign bushband is they want to escape from poverty and its not the love. Thanks so much Sheren. I think you are right. Being in a distance relationship is always very complicated. I wouldn't dispute or disregard whatever advise I get from you. Even tho this girl chat with me all this time or leave me offline msgs doesn't justify her decency. I think it will be better to stop deceiving myself by trusting her.

Like you said, Mabinay Oriental is a good place for vacation. I won't be surprised if she is presently hooked up with other men whom had come to spend vacation there. Am giving up on her. Whenever she text or leave me offline msgs, which she did couple of hours ago, I will reply if i got the chance to or instead ignore it. I can see room for distrust.

If she got no other motives, why would she be there when I don't chat back? I bliv she is up to other plans with other men. Your such a wonderful girl. I wish I could know you more. Sheren, thanks for your insight opinion. This is my problem, I am really not of the beauty per se but of the heart. We've known ourselves while she was 16yrs. She seems to have these qualities that I want in a woman. We Skype, we send photos, we text, calls etc.

Am not sure if she does same with others. I know its possible to have several facebook account, but she has chosen to give me her fb password for the purpose to view her photos cos she has no other means of storage so made fb her storage. No one else can view her photos cos they are all private. Also, I can monitor her fb activities whenever she is at the internet cafe bcos I am permanently logged in. She doesn't ask for money and doesn't care about my money, afterall she knows I have no money.

She looks decent and she's from Oriental. Whenever I see her I feel this glowing love that is unexplainable. My feelings for her keep increasing every single day. Pls, I need some serious thots and ideas on how to deal with my predicaments. I lived there for over two years and could write a book about it ;. Hi, I need some help and advice. I am 28, and my filipino girl friend is 20 yrs old.

I Knew this girl through her friend in I've known her friend since Around to , we were on and off due to some challenges. This girl had made mistakes and still begs for forgiveness. As always, she professes love and appreciation of our friendship, which I know is true.

She wish to spend the rest of her life with me. She always ask me to visit the Philippines but haven't able to because I'm a student and do not have enough finance. I also love this girl like crazy. Is it very expensive to achieve my aims? Is it worth going after her? A week ago, she wrote me a very long message on facebook about how other men are pressuring her for a relationship.

I've seen her mom online and she seems to like me. She has 7 sisters and the all seem to like me too. I love this girl and very confused what to do. Oh, one more thing, she is not in sch, it was hard communicating with her when we first started chatting.

Will your Australian Filipina relationship last?

I had to ask her to type in Tagalog while i translated her words in Google translator. She confesses I made her good in surfing the net, typing and fluent in English. I wish she is in sch. Pls, what do I do??? Hi im janita, looking for a responsible and romantic and loving man.

By the way I'm Eugeline.. I'm looking for an honest guy who will love me for sure and accepts me for who I am.. GOd i hate those who asked for taking off my clothes in cam! I'm serious about searching my man , but others ARrrgh freak!! Whatever u say Filipino girls r very smart on pretending they are like serious in love but actually not Filipino girls are only for ugly n fat Americans who never had a girl in life so those ugly and fat American guys show their money to Filipino girls to be their girls otherwise there is no way to get girl for them hahaha.

I have just returned from Magnificent Manila and have had the most glorious experience thus far in my life. My Filipino Princess came down off of her throne and treated me like her King Furthermore, the authors of these hubs only publish the posts that support their view and delete the rest before anyone gets to read them. One particular hub is called: You insist on denigrating the Filipino people and their culture as a whole which is proven by your many broad brush posts on your hub.

In reality you are just racist pigs. You will know doubt be very proud of yourselves that in the 15 months of your hub going you have had almost 50 people post comments on your hub….. Such a massive problem! You know in business I have learnt that if you give poor customer service to a customer, then that customer will tell on average 13 people of their poor experience.

However, if a client receives impeccable service, on average they will tell only 1 person of their experience. However more than 10 times that amount are not even telling their story because they are busy enjoying their beautiful lives! And then you have all the posts of differing view that you delete. Well just a couple of stats for you: Annual GDP growth rates reached a high of 7.

That second-quarter performance made the Philippines the fastest-growing economy in south-east Asia and put it on par with China. In this May 17, photo, trading continues at the Philippine Stock Exchange at the financial district of Makati city, east of Manila, Philippines where the Philippine economy skyrocketed 7. The divorce rate in Australia is 43 per cent. Divorce rates are somewhat higher in the United States and Canada, at 48 per cent, and lower in Japan, 27 per cent and Singapore 10 per cent.

They smile, they are friendly, although there is traffic kayos everywhere, I have never seen any road rage or disgruntled drivers. Yes we all do! Not because their new Filipina wife will try to rip them off through some scam etc. The decent guys who take the time to build a proper relationship and will find the most loving beautiful partner in a Filipina. My advice to guys in a similar situation to me is to not discount Filipino woman for a lifelong partner. Letters from you, her church, and her working business is very important.

Also you will have to pay for her visa fees which I believe is us dollars. There is no way she could afford it. I believe everyone women is different in each country. There are however special aspect with Philippines women versus United States. I've been talking to my girlfriend from Philipines for 9 months and couldn't be happier.

Soon she will see me which I am excited. I am also a 23 year old good looking gean American and also a pharmacy student. She is not looking for money and truly loves me. I recently started chatting with a Filipina young lady. She seems very respectful and nice i'm starting to have feelings for her and her for me. I think we would be perfect for each other. To foreigners who wants to marry Filipina girls be aware that almost always the reason why Filipina girls would want to marry you is first and foremost because of economic reasons.

You are not only marrying her you are marrying her family as well. It will be quiet expensive supporting your own family plus her family back home, so think hard about this first before starting a relationship with a Filipina. You need to have a generous heart and enough income to do this, otherwise it will be a big strain on the marriage later on. Also, although there are plenty of decent Filipina girls, beware of the opportunists types and scammers. Be wise, be discerning and be informed. There are a lot of stories of Filipina-foreigner marriages that did not work out, you can search it all over the internet.

Learn from their mistakes before marrying. I am a Filipina, I care for my fellow Filipinas, it breaks my heart when I hear horror stories. I believe that too phlippine girls are so quite,friendly,beauty even if she's ugly but her heart always white as we are following that only so:. I would like to know only that I am having a girl from phlippine as she said to me: And how many times we got angry from each other till she block me from her Facebook but when I told her that we will go to place that everybody like it so she comes back to me like nothing happen?

Looking for a Filipina girlfriend? Check out this site www. You may also want to read more Filipina dating tips here www. I am a Filipina married for 8 years now to a European I just love reading all the comments here. I feel happy to know that there are so any men out there who are interested to know more about philippine culture and the people. I am also one of those millions of filipina who are looking for true love because i haven't find the right one yet..

If anyone interested to know more about me, feel free to talk to me in YM As of now , iam here in qatar working as a domestic helper and you can reach me on my phone number: I will be going home to philippines when i finish my contract next year month of july!!! Hi wish that someone will read this by the way im liza chobby im looking 4 a guy who will love me and accept me 4 wht i am just call me I am sorry if use bad words.

I am with one icy cold fish, arrogant, stupid, primitive. I would kill myself if we have no child. She is so primitive that is putting to garbage everything what she doesn't understand or doesn't know how to use it. In fact she knows nothing therefore extremely expensive and good things are in garbage while she is buying sh Sexually is more then zero. When touch for intimes relation, she is shouting STOP it. I preferre not to touch this primitive icy cold moron. In front of everybody she is playing loving and caring.

If not a child she should be a widow long time ago. This what I want to say about totally primitive nation. I was tollerant but now I am racist and wish this nation be exterminated. Let the other idiot marry next cold moron who wants ONLY leave their country. D and great comments bad or good If you are not that fortunate, you will really meet bad and wise girls. So just be smart enough, but in general, i agree Filipinas are loving and caring: See 34 more comments. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. To provide a better website experience, pairedlife. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: You are lucky for our women also interest you because of your equipment but that is not enough. Most Pinays are not comfortable with large dicks. They are usually happy with your mouth skills alone.

I have small dick but pinays love me. I just pointed the most important things you need to know. Thank you very good useful information , also only few may have BF already and they dope foreigner husband when they get to husband country then divorced and bring Filipino BF and marry him. There appears to be a lot of bitterness from a few western men on this site who are now trying to generalize their issues as pertaining to all Filipinas.

I am married for 13 years to a lovely Filipina woman. We have one child together.

To any newbies on this site please ignore the comments from the old, bitter men on this site. A lot of the guys complaining here cannot get women in their own country so it is no wonder when their Filipina wife or gf dumps them. Salamat from a happy 50yo US citizen happily married. Always protective of his devices too that one. I am not the type to go all haywire but i used my connect to get someone that helped get access to his phone and laptop whose mail is rootgatehacksAT tutanota dot com I also got his dating site accounts and i was so devastated. I had to leave him beacuse i can always do better than that.

I find myself on this site out of curiosity. However, a few days ago I joined an international dating site called InternationalCupid. I find it odd that that these women would consider my dark skin when the magic-white is so high in demand. I cant help but feel there is an angle or window of opportunity being sought. Then again, I have received a few hits with BS degrees working as nurses or self employed. By all accounts, I consider myself to be equal to my magic skin counterparts.

Therefore, any woman i choose should also be professional. It lead me here. Some very good — albeit general insights into Filipino women and culture. I have had so many bad experiences, encountered many lies. However, I know it is only a small percentage of pinays who are mischievous and dishonest.

I am writing my book as I am sick of Westerners with little good to say about Filipinas. Lack of compassion, empathy, and education are the result of this, so I want to help inform others that Filipinas ARE, in fact, the best women ever created. I also have a lot of Pilipino art on my instagram blaisebullwits. God bless you and Salamat for sharing this. I am Inai…half chinese half pinay…. I still hold my filipino passport….. So I am a modern and indipendent wife and we share everything ….

Iam crazy for his white skin,blond hair and the green eyes…. But he must taste a another girl …also a filipina….. I can trust him and his promises and words…. A Foreigner give you the feeling you are a Poccahontas asian princess even we are an modern couple he surprise me and carry me on his hands….. So its not only the apperance from the western guys…its her attitude…. And supporting my family….

I do it with my income and he support my nice to became a nurse…but it was his own choice to do it…. Best regards from Germany Inai and Peter. It was nice getting across your article. And, mind you, I was shocked by most of the comments here, and kind of scared and confused me more. I was uncomfortable of this so-called online dating, so I blocked him and deleted my account after less than a week on chat.

However, he was able to find a way to find me, and get in touch with me, and was able to convince me to give it a chance. Unlike the picture of a Filipina that is being depicted by a lot of people here, I am in a totally different angle:. He had been insisting for marriage as soon as he comes, but I insisted on spending more time first to be able to get to know each other better — and to expose each other on our respective life, cultures, etc. So, you see, for those who readily make assumptions, not all Filipinas are too eager to marry a foreigner, most especially for money.

Being able to provide for us financially would just be a bonus. Most of us are independent and hardworking, and are ready to help our man in that area.

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In the first place, marriage for most of us, is through thick and thin. I know a lot who have been happily married for years. It always takes two to tango. As for myself, I will be giving mine a chance. I will be open-minded. Whatever feedbacks I am getting will serve as lessons. Thanks, everyone, for all the comments! By the way, my man and I are of the same age 41 , both single, never been married, no kids.

We are both well-educated, well-traveled and gainfully employed. My family may not be rich, but we take pride in being independent, hardworking and honest people. Specifically, a Korean man. Asian guy, not Western but has white skin — who cares? Like Kach said, not all Filipina wants money from his foreigner boyfriend. I feel sad reading comments here thinking that most Filipinas are only after the Visa and money.

Before I met my bf, I have also been in different countries with visa. I earn and save my own money to be able to travel. My boyfriend and I travels, too. Yes, we pay for our own. I never asked my bf to pay for my expenses even at times he insists. I always remind him that if I have to pay something for myself, he needs to let me pay for it. And in our travels, we always make sure that we have equally divided our expenses so there will be no fighting who pays for this and that.

Relationship works in 2 ways not just one way. Like in any country, women and even men differ from one another. The article is NOT the truth at all. I actually doubt this person is a real person. So bollocks to the concept of what the article attempts top portray, it just aint the way it really is. You are entitled to your own opinion. But just a quick unsolicited statements… 1. We have our way of saving money when we really want something. And just so you know, in surveys, there are more successful women in the Philippines than men. Gets paid higher than men, too. So yes, we can pay for ourselves.

Indeed, we have limited places to go with our passport because most countries requires visa. Why so worked-up with visas anyway? So what if we want to go to a country with visa? Did it killed you or were you the one who took time to apply for it? We travel because we want to and we can afford it because we worked to earn it.

Dating and Marrying a Filipina

We all need a little vacation from time to time. Filipinas generally have long patience but we know how to fight back when we are being stepped on. In time, the woman gets fed-up and starts to fight back. I have tons of Filipina friends who are married to foreigners and others got divorced. I, for one is in a relationship with a foreigner.

But money or greed of visa never crossed my mind. I enjoy being in a relationship and I am happy with how we run things considering that we are in an LDR. And if you ever experienced something bad with a Filipina, my apologies in behalf of my fellow Filipinas. I hope you find a good partner who can show you real relationship. I look Asian but still distinctly foreign. She is a dancer and works in a night club. Always remember that if she can do this to anyone, she can do this to you. I was all cognitive dissonant. How we met is a peculiar incident. It is not in a club. Very easy to romanticise it, but I would cut the story short.

Trust is not solid, but I was still very much in love. Eventually I stayed with her in the Philippines for a period of time. Not a good experience but I will not go into details. The ending of the relationship could have exposed me to danger and killed me in the process. If I ever made it safe I would really never return to this place. However, what changed later on was the support I had from the a few friends I made in the Philippines. We are just friends, but she demonstrated great virtues, and her friends who does not necessarily fall into the scammer strata.

At least from my first-hand experience that is. Because even my other Filipino friends are telling me that they are the same, it just takes time to reveal. It is the kind of people one is attracting that defines the experience of a Filipina. From a statistical point of view on general population, it is not optimistic in probability in meeting one that is like, more similar to my principles and values which are loyalty, faithful and integrity I avoid representing other guys. You need to know what you are going in for, and how to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally.

These are concepts I wish I had better prepare myself before entering the country. If you are looking to pay for something, whatever it is, go ahead. If you think true love is happening to you, think twice. Prepare and limit the damage. I suppose when you know love is true, you will know for it only empowers you e. Because of my positive experience post-breakup, it made me more curious and understanding towards the Philippines. I can learn to appreciate the country and her people from a distant point of view, but not passionately for now because of how hurt I was fresh wound.

Here is one I think should be mentioned, and I can attest to it first hand as I lived in the Philippines and traveled to many parts. Filipinas love white skin. To coincide with this, the majority of Pinays I have met love white men. And if you also have light eyes and average to above average height, you are the trifecta! Interestingly, many Filipinas do not know where the history began with the quest for white skin. So, it started as a sign of class. Regardless, it is still a very prevalent attraction in the Philippines today.

I was just wondering if someone wanted to get a girl from the phillipines a visa to move to england how would they go about doing it? What if the man will be 88 in 3 months, and the Phillipina is 63? She got mad over that and asked what would be left for her? I question her intentions. And what if he dies over there? How do we get his body or ashes back if he has taken kids off his life insurance as beneficiaries and put her as beneficiary?

His cremation is already paid for here. OP you are joking about the phillipines visa getting you into any country, so you are not telling the truth at all. If you are going to the Philippines to look for a woman, with no knowledge of the language or customs, your plan is already flawed, and most likely doomed to failure. My first GF was a, la Filipina. In those days we spoke Spanish. Some of my friends are in Thailand, But Thai is too difficult for us falangs. Open yourself up to new experiences, enjoy the cultural differences and have fun.

When aking kerido and I were Bf and Gf we really enjoyed or cultural differences. One night after dinner she cooked me, I put ice-cream and honey on a bowl of rice. She looked at it, and said in horror. Which of course, led to an hilarious lovemaking session. The only problem we had, was that I was rather well endowed, and she was so little, which meant, I had to be so very careful with her.

She told me that had she known, she would have run a mile, unfortunate]y for her, by the time she found out, we were totally committed to each other. For mine I loved everything about her, she was so beautiful , and so delicious, and we just plain got along so well. Of course we were very young, but my advice is, open yourself up to new experiences, enjoy your cultural differences, and above all, have fun. They are posting their nude photos there and asking for sex. Sex is like a child play to them and boys are like toys. They try to seduce other country men also. They do it for their pleasure as well as money also.

So there are many prostitutes in this country. There are many filipinas who make foreigners as their friends for money. They create false sad stories about them and somehow make them believe it. Then use this foreigner like a free loan. Lot of scammers in philipines. There are many filipinas who already have boyfriend or husband but still trying to find a lover online for a secret relationship.

This playgirls act so careful to not get caught by anyone. They mostly prefer to date rich foreigners who would send them money and they can enjoy their life however they want. They keep their identity safe by not letting his online lover to meet her family, friends, etc. They get bored of their partner and leave them after few months or years.

Searching a new partner is like trying something new for them and they like it. So there are many single moms there. They dont take marriage life seriously. They just live their life in the way they want and ignoring the fact that they are doing it wrong. They will spend time with him just so that they can get money to enjoy life and help family.

Filipina wife and her families will keep asking money from foreigner husband and treat him as free money lender. Even if you help them 9 times and refuse to send money just once, then they will call you bad and start using bad words. After few months or years of marriage, they will ask for divorce and that time will demand for huge amount of money and properties of husband. So this is huge loss for the foreigner and they regret it later about marrying Filipina. Once she is citizen of your country, they are ready to leave their husband and then find another man from philipines or that country.

So in this case, foreigner is just being used for achieving her dream. Most of them are dating just for fun. So after a few months or years, they start saying that their feelings change and they leave. Moreover they will blame the men for breakup. So this is like a double murder to the boyfriend who is so innocent.

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You will find lot of Filipinas as single moms and when asked for the reason, they will say that they breakup becoz their ex-bf was cheater or irresponsible as father. There are some cases where Filipina girlfriend or wife cheats her bf or husband. Then they have to adjust with other family members also which is another difficult task. It takes long time to learn and adjust but in most cases, the couples give up and then divorce. In philipines, they are taught to give priority to family first. So if her family tells her to leave the husband, she will do it and go back to her family. So they will want to try many different men for sex.

They do it for money and pleasure. Then they ask for dick sizes, nudes in our messages box and also they want sex video call. But in public, they are acting decent and so innocent. They become single moms and say that they are proud of it. Philipines is well known place for sex tourism. They do this scamming for money and also are players. After this old men is dead, she is rich and can get to do whatever she want with his riches. They make so many promises to their lover but break it so easily because they are not serious about it. Some of this is a beat up by migration agents.

Tourist visas are a case by case basis. I sponsored my future wife for two tourist visas and then a third one whilst married. She has her permanent residency now. For all those people who read these alarmist posts, calm down. If you are worried see a reputable migration agent. I suggest someone who actually has a degree in migration law and simply not a migration agent. A friend of mine went to Australia on a tourist visa and her trip was sponsored by her sister who lives there.

I fell hook line and sinker.

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I has just got out of the Army in after a year or so I decided to travel, and had already been to the Philippines on leave when stationed in S. Korea back in the late 90s. It was an experience to say the least but I expected as much. The Philippines is a corrupt, dirty, polluted, and Religiously fanatic country of hypocrisy.

I have since married the woman I met back in while living there. She was sweet, beautiful, loving, and it seemed like my soulmate had finally been found.


I loved her wholeheartedly, and unconditionally, and we now have a 4 year old Son together. I lived on my Social Security and military Disability while living in the Philippines. The currency exchange value made it to where we lived very very well. Much better than anyone in her Barangay.

A fish farm that raised crabs, fish, and prawn. I just blew it of and figured ,screw it they need it worse than I do, and I still get over k php per month from my Social Security alone so why complain. Unfortunately I found out the hard way that the Filipino tradition, and pride are something us foreigners have to learn through experience ,since Filipinos are great actors and scammers. So to say the least they are raised corrupt and find no problem with it.

They see you coming, especially a newby your toast. It comes from living a life of poverty and being desperate. I felt sorry for them all at first, but when I noticed if your not a OFW worker then they pretty much sit around and want their children to support the family. I even saw barefoot toddlers working collecting recycling materials in a landfill.

Some neck deep in filth and barefoot, while their parents are at home. Mom playing Marking on the front porch running a gambling house, Dad asleep or half drunk on Imperador going door to door to his neighborhood drinking, eating and more sleeping. I had enough and decided to try to get my wife and son to America now it was time. Since married there I had to petition her with a CR1 visa and since my sins paperwork as an American citizen was already completed by myself, his was much easier but we still had to wait almost 2 years to get them to the States.

I went home and although disabled went back to work part time to setup a nice house and life for us all. Once her visa was processed they joined me here in Florida and our lives commenced once again. I thought she might be homesick already but it was deeper. House payment, car payment, utilities, insurance for house and cars, business expenses, capital etc. My normal experience being American. We know the drill and most of us work or live paycheck to paycheck. I noticed she was spending all her time online.

I noticed she was sick or whatever every single time I wanted to be intimate. I noticed she was distant, lethargic, sleeping 16 hrs a day, staying up all night online, and I even found the icing on the cake. I picked her phone up and looked through it to find pages still open. It also had several with half nude photos, and a whole photoshoot of her nude on Snapchat.

She has since then started working with other Filipina and they always disappear for hours on end with one of them. I have tried to ask her to get help and change for our kid. She told me right in front of him. I never wanted to be a mother or be married to you, you both ruined my life and my freedom. She kept complaining about her abdominal pain for months as well and always refused to spend even one dollar on her health.

Even has a private bank account. So I payed for her to go to a gynecologist. The first time in her pathetic life. An STD in which never in my entire life have I had one. I freaked and immediately went to my Dr. I even had extensive extra testing. All came back negative thank God or I may be in prison right now. This bitch has made my life a living hell, used me, not once says thank you, I love you, or simply held my hand or randomly did anything intimate for almost a year now. My advice to anyone considering marrying a Filipina. The dump truck scam to be exact. Do not fall for anything they say.

This is almost everyone single case not just some small percentage. Beware of the Filipina scammer. I may be fooled once but never twice. My attorney is a woman and she is livid. We have already formally started a request to revoke her green card and visa, and have her deported on the grounds of a bogus marriage and lies during her initial Embassy interview.

Under no circumstances trust a Filipina. You will be burned and left with a painful learning experience. I say good riddance. Each culture has its own mannerisms and own benefits. It is so wrong to generalize a whole society, like filipinas are gold diggers or nigerians are scammers or americans fat, in all countries are good,bad,scammers,fat etc. I am a Japanese woman who has lived in the Philippines to pursue my master at grad school.

The way I see the people in the Philippines, many of Filipinos both male and females need money to support their families. Leaving the Philippines, like working abroad or marring a foreigner, is the only way for the poor to escape from poverty. My ex bf was a Filipino, and he was really greedy for my money. I am just telling what I have seen based on my personal experience and observation. The filipino women only love your money while in the Philippines cos you seem richer than you truly may be.

There is no loyalty in this world. Its all about the money. Filipina women and men just needs money coz they are tired of being poor. You are exactly like those other hoepinays. Not special not different just a feelipino. They are with older men because older men percieve that their money can and does buy these girls. If they could be with a woman in their country, they would. But older retired guys have that problem,too. And what looks like a small income in the states is dollar signs in these Filipinas eyes and they, on some level, know this.

That and their 70 year old sexual prowess? There seems a lot of bitterness out there and maybe some jealousy. There are thirteen years between my wife and I. Contrary to the previous post there is no way on earth would ever want a western wife no matter my age. I went through that once before. I had to deal with constant conflict and aggression. Western women tend to become increasingly male as they get older along with all the testosterone.

For all the cultural problems I dont find find filipinas second best. They are incredibly more feminine, and loving and gentle. And no it is not easy.

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They are very difficult at times. They are very proud and will suck you dry for their lazy family because they have been conditioned from a very young age that they can only gain worth through providing for parents and extended family. However, in successful marriages she learns to refocus on the family who needs her — her own children. There is no magical answer to this. It is an ongoing dynamic.

The husband has to be generous but firm and show and educate her from the beginning about the realities of living in a Western country. I agree with Kim and Mark Paulsen. Backwards, sh-thole country with little to recommend it. Electricity Brownouts all the time, terrible Internet service, water, air and land pollution to the extreme, undriveable roads, terrible health facilities, questionable politics, a lousy educational system, and a society hell bent on keeping the status quo…ah, but Pinoy Pride, right?

Funny how they all disappear as soon as his money for that month is gone. Congrats to both of you. She was studying in Australia. Her family was very wealthy. Her dad was Spanish, and his family had had plantations, and businesses, in the Philippines since around All we wanted to do was to get married and have lots of beautiful mestizo children. But both our families disapproved, and eventually broke us up. I am now 73, and will be retiring to the Philippines. To that end, I am learning Tagalog. In my day we all spoke Spanish. I do observe, Tagalog is very Spanish in form. She was the best lover I have ever had, and was so beautiful I just about melted, when I saw her naked.

She felt the same about my body too. She was very demure — no kissing or cuddling in public — but was totally uninhibited as a lover. This worried her a bit, as she was brought up to be a quiet, modest Catholic, Asian lady. She never knew she would be like that with her man.

In return, I tried to be as innovative and daring a lover as I knew how to be. I must have done sufficient, for she always told me what a great lover I was. I was very fit, and could manage five performances in a night when I needed to, plus I always spent as much time as necessary, to get her ready, before I ever tried to make love to her.

That naughty little lady could often manage 8 orgasms or more, in a lovemaking session. We both used to wonder how much different our lives would have been, if he had have married. Her parents sent her to Germany to finish her studies, and I was warned off. She never married, as she told her parents she would, if they broke us up. Later on we kept in touch, but we never were lovers again, for I was married to an Aussie lady. I am sure she would have allowed me to, but I would have lost her respect for cheating. I kissed her all over, and assured her i never would. I could never even spank her even when she begged me to.

I was so conscious of her soft little brown bum, and my big hard hands from competition weightlifting. I would rather kiss it, than hit it. Many of her friends who had Caucasian men as lovers, were just as committed to marriage as she was. Those for whom marriage happened seemed to be happy. I do note, that they were never the married men who spent most of their spare time at the pub, so they must have been happy.

Even though times change, I am sure there are still lots of beautiful, loyal, and loving, Filipina ladies available. Hi , man, i am spanish ,62 , my gf is a filipine mail in o ladyboy. I am really moved by your story, i would like to tell you my story too, because my gf and i were in trouble a lot of times coz discussing about money, and we broke up a lot of times and ,as a miracle ,we are together. But i dont know and where how to do it, here or by e mail, really, if have in mind privacy, nobody is typing the email in a site like this, BUt even morre, i would like to know you, i will trave there this western Summer.

Beunos nochess caballero, com esta. I have not been able to post here lately. It seems to work. Ladyboys sound interesting, but not for me. Which I did do one night. No hay necesidad de preguntar. Honestly, Yo estaba tan enojado con el amor y la lujuria por ella lo hice seis veces esa noche. Afterwards I kisse away her tears and had a shower. She also said she was going to brag to her girlfriends, about how many times I did it. People set on their boxed in, narrow visions and fierce prejudices.

But the people are delightful and really the only reason I have stayed here myself. Also looking to do some surfing and growing vegetables somewhere or other around the place. Politically, socially and culturally, I find my country of origin ruthlessly boring. I have always thought that Filipinas were the most beautiful, loving and intelligent women on the face of the planet. So if you are a Filipina and you want a good man, here I am. I live in Texas and I really hate sleeping alone. Yes I love sex, but I need Filipina passion for life more than anything.

I do not smoke, do drugs, only drink an occasion beer, never when driving, and I always ask my lover for her opinion. Again, I am not going to lie to you and say that I will always agree with you, but I will listen, hear and respect your opinion. Not all filipinas are as honorable as you are. Your comment is not only way off base but also shows the disgusting human being that you are… I married a Filipina, I am not 70, I am not disabled and we are living happily in the Philippines..

My wife is the most loving, caring woman I have ever met… Much different than North American white women… Sadly you seem to either looking in the wrong place or for the wrong thing… Spending your time in a brothel shows what kind of degenerate you are. They laugh at their problems, would give you their last dollar.

They are inclined to build up and not tear down. They only love your money while in the Philippines cos you seem richer than you truly may be. I once told myself I would never fall in love with a foreigner and one of the reasons was the stereotype and how Filipinas with foreign partners are being looked at. But what can I do? I fell inlove with the most awesome man I have ever met. I am actually older than him I do look younger though hahaha.

I will soon be moving in with him, and I was in fact hesitating on leaving behind my career here. I was planning to take my PhD before I met him, I have a stable job, I would definitely miss my dogs!!! I am so inlove with him! But hey, yes I am a Filipina by race, but above all, I am a woman in love.

Yeah u are one in a billion. Because most of Filipino girls are not educated, eat cat and dogs and are looking for that white dude that can get them a visa …. I find ur attitude disrespectfull. Not all of us fall into ur way of thinking. I have been with my wife for over forty years and she worked in a resturant in manila to help her younger siblings. First of all scumbag I am married to a beautiful Filipino girl who comes from a great moral family in Roxas City and also there are whores as u call them in every country in the world!

So as in every other country there are the good and bad ones. You put yourself above several entities of people in your lines. Fella, find a purpose in life before someone helps you find a purpose for you! Learn to be respectful to humans not just a race of them. Grow up and you to will find the guy of your dreams as Me as a normal male of sexual preference found a beautiful Filipino wife!

I think u were lucky to find a great filipina wife.. I love them anyway they are fun people etc each culture has its strengths weaknesses.. If you wish to use a prostitute so be it. If one is a prostitute — so are they all. Even if you hire a lady as an escort, for a night a week or whatever woo her, as you would a lover. A little bit of pretence and play-acting works fine for both of you. Even try it with your lady. Pick her up on the street, take her to a motel, and treat her like a prostitute. I bet when she gets home, she will have a light in her eyes, and a fire where it should be.

Remember one thing though. Have an escape word worked out between you and your lady first. Going by myself, and my lady, sometimes you want to say it, but you manage to regain control and continue. Is a tad too long. What you point out however is that there are jerks in the men as well. Or maybe he left you cos you were already punishing him in the bedroom for not giving you more gifts! Most Filipinas are liars, scammers and cheats. Arnie Avila and Lelian Liban Linsag are just 2 of them though few more can be seen under https: Saying most filipina are liars hurt me? I dont know if you do check every filipina in my land..

Never trust a Filipino woman who poses like that in photos, LOL. Only the second woman in the blog is looking well. The rest are usually the ones who are greedy for money. We had a maid who would pose like that in photos. She talks to a lot of foreigners and tells them she loves them despite having a husband and 9 kids without them knowing. Her husband does not know. The foreigners do not know about the truth. She pretends to be separated and that she only has 5 kids. She is very clear on her purpose on why she is looking for a foreigner, she just wants the money.

She wants the money quickly and gets annoyed when the man talks too much. Every Filipina I know and have dated were materialistic, and could care less if you are a kind, compassionate human being or not. They see everything as an exchange for service or presence.

Had a great time together, passionate, happy and one day she started asking about my retirement, how much my salary was, etc. I know one I dated not long ago who told me how her X-husband slowly moved all of his assets, liquidating them, before he divorced her. She ranted about getting out schemed for a two hour date.

They are all the same. If you want hustled and stone cold…get a Filipina. A friend of mine from school got hustled out of his entire pension by a 25 year old Filipina. Next thing he knew her whole family was living in it. I am a filipina and i am engaged to a Swedish guy… and i can tell you, you might have been looking for your match in the wrong places. Im a nurse and i am working as well. My fiance owns his own company so it would have been easy for me to just sit and ask.

But not all filipinas are like the ones you have met. If you actually choose to mingle with people from a decent upbringing, then this would have never been an issue in the first place…. You got the important points girl! Get a life and mind your own business! Lol I am 28 and my Dutch bf is I love him so much despite of our age gap. I feel in love with him because of how amazing he is and not because of his wealth or visa and we never ever or I never even asked or talked about money. If ever will get married, I will still have to work so whenever my family ask for money I still can support them without depending on him.

I am not a kind of person who loves spending and wasting others hard earned money. It just happens that their money got a very high value when converted in peso. They were raise independently and they can do the housechores without us and can do better than us. Filipino women are all liars. Way too much rhetoric and generalities here, but consider this, its just logical. One thing I have noticed in the Pines are the number of single mothers there are.

You love him because he does and can do things for you. You are with him because of his skin color and race. U have still bitterness mr. Thats the truth why you find them attractive. When she came here she met with other filipinas here and the infection of gold diggerism among these multiple divorcees spread to her and she start fighting over money. Then thinking of replacing with an older man who she found now with much more money. Have 2 kids too and I wanted a simple life for them and for myself. But I feel the plan had been for the longest time to leech me dry and be replaced by another man from here with more income she could spend.

I was used just as a ticket out of the shithole of a country and then there was no loyalty left in this world. Hi, reading your comment made me sad although i myself agree that there are more than enough women and men here in the Philippines who prefer money than true love but there are still those who are the exact opposite. If you want passion and someone who will literally fight for you go Latina…but be ready for her to be all over you about where you were, why did it take so long…trust me!

My friend immediately realized whats happening or what happened, women knows when other women are playing men… so she immediately put a stop to it and told her dad off. Hi, I have the same problem. I met a guy he is Australian and then, some people started talking about how Filipinas are gold diggers. Even my ex-friends were asking me if my intentions and feelings are true. My husband is not rich. He works hard to pay for the bills. I work hard to pay for the bills. Its the same people. Both of us works hard to make ends meet. I love my husband greatly and he is my world and he loves me too.

You cannot sustain a good relationship and understanding based on materialistic point of view. I am an educator. I worked as a teacher, professor in a university and a reading tutor. Who are you to say that filipinas are no skills and intelligence. It disgust me that a person could actually say that based on one or two women that he knows. I just want to be clear. Our love life is non of your business. Have you thought of that? Have a great life. But they are certainly still there. And they live in the minds of people on both sides of the ocean.

I am from Belgium and my girlfriend is from the Philippines she will soon be 22 I just turned I have visited her Island Negros in January, discovered the popular sights, enjoyed the beautiful nature and the great food. I met her family, who were very warm and hospitable.

Now, my parents are really cool and they would support me in any decision I make regarding my life, but I am sure some of my friends and family share some baseless thought behind my back: I will help her with that anyway I can. If she one day gives up on that idea I will be fine with that as well. If I think at how much useless stuff I have bought before that added no value to my life whatsoever, I can only admire her discipline: I am really proud to be able to call her my girlfriend.

There is simply no one that could make me happier than she does even with some distance. I will visit her again next month and I hope soon we will be able to live together soon enough. I wish the best of luck to all other couples here! My sister is married to a Belgian. They started as pen pal in those days, till they finally met each other sending my sister to Belgium which my brother in law has paid all the expenses. My sister met his family with a warm welcome. The family of my brother in law teach her all the Belgian customs and traditions.

They got married in Belgium, had 3 beautiful girls and live happily ever after. The truth is, it is the proof of the existence of Colonial mentality. As a non-Filipino male who lived in the pH for 7 years and has also resided in various parts of the world. There is even a joke about his in NYC and LA, one guy posted a vector poster of the top white supremacists in the world.

You had Trump, Bejamin Forest, and the Filipina. A damn shame too since Filipinos have the most interesting one, being a mix of Asian and Spanish in culture. Hey, people have preferences. Is it wrong if I find a white or dark, tall guy with Caucasian features very attractive? Many of us love blacks. Many of us find them hot. You will get more respect if you just admit that you want to be white, you wish you were white and would want your off springs to be white looking as possible. Save people talking behind you and just come out with it.

Of course there will be the very rare good looking filipina girl with a very good looking white guy, genuinely attracted to each other for looks… as per normal, you can tell their relationship is due to physical attraction and not status or because of race. But its rare, because really good looking white men are with really good looking white women… so its the ugly, weird white men who cant get white women who chase filipinas because these filipinas would accept them because they are white…. I m not saying u re dishonnest or u lying Just that people used to say and act differently.

That cedric seems full of hatred. Maybe scammed haha Filipina…or even filipino are not t more dumb or than anywhere else, u might be mista king with education. Philippines are far from perfection, it s sometimes hard to cope for a westerner when everybody tries to scam , taxi, administration, vendors, real estate brokers, rental owner, etc etc….

In USA, there are re t enough millionnaires for all us money diggers lol. But ll westerners are millionnaires…not hard, 1 million 20 euros,. This article to me, seems to try to sell the Filipina women as women who do have a sense of true love. Not a lot will admit it but a lot of Filipinas lack skills, talent, Responsibility, adaptability, and cognitive and intellectual capabilities.

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